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Emergency Lighting Installation Emergency Lighting Installation
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  Emergency Lighting Installation  
  We have extensive experience in providing a design, installation, service testing, commissioning and ongoing maintenance and repairs service to a diverse client group.  
AJS Ltd provide design and Installation of all types of emergency lighting and power supply systems.

We work to the British Standard BS 5266: Part 1: 2011. Included in its scope are hotels, clubs, hospitals, nursing homes, schools and colleges, licensed premises, offices, museums, shops, multi-storey dwellings and residential properties.
AJS design schemes which fall into one of the following standard recommendation categories:-
Non-maintained System, (NM2 ) emergency duration 2 hours. The emergency light
  units only illuminate in the event of a mains failure.
Maintained System, ( M3 ) emergency duration 3 hours. The emergency light units
  are illuminated at all times using the same lamps for both normal and emergency operation.
Sustained System, ( S1 ) emergency duration 1 hour. The emergency light units are
  fitted with two lamps or two sets of lamps. One of which operates on mains 240V AC supply, the other which operates from the battery supply in the event of mains failure is a non-maintained system with the addition of mains lamps which should be illuminated whenever the premises are occupied.
Emergency Lighting Installation
  We are aware that although the industry standards recommend the types and durations of emergency lighting systems relating to each category of premises, these standards are minimum safe standards for the types of premises and that a higher standard may be needed to meet the particular uses of the buildings and the installation requirements.

We design emergency lighting to operate fully automatically when the main power supply fails and to give illumination of a sufficiently high level to enable persons of all ages to evacuate the premises safely.

We work closely with clients to develop a maintenance and training plan to minimize the risks should an emergency occur. This can be achieved through regular maintenance, together with simulated power failures ensuring equipment is properly tested and maintained this will ensure that it functions correctly if required in an emergency. We also plan evacuation drills of all staff and occupiers, which are designed to minimize danger and the risk of panic should an emergency evacuation be required.
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