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Residential home repairs and refurbishment to provide decent homes for local communities is part of the many services we offer landlords, councils and housing authorities.
Our work ranges from small repairs to complete home refurbishment.When planning any major refurbishment or repair project we work closely with the landlord and resident to create a positive relationship to enable the work to be completed with the minimum amount of disruption to their home. We are careful and considerate whilst in their home, consulting with them and keeping them informed throughout the process.We are committed to supporting and working with local communities and achieving shared benefits through, for example, employing local labour when possible.
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Our services include:
Occupied & Voids
Improvements & Upgrades
Repairs & Maintenance
Bathrooms & Kitchens
Landlord’s Services
Emergency & Area Lighting
Security & Access
Testing & Certification
We have an excellent track record for achieving targets and for the delivery of large scale, high volume and long term housing contracts – on time on budget.
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