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Fire Equipment Maintenance



In June 2014 we commenced a contract with the LB of Barnet for cyclical and responsive maintenance of both portable and non-portable fire-fighting equipment within public buildings, including fire extinguishers, blankets, sprinklers and fire suppression systems.

The contract also includes for remedials and replacement of parts following inspections. Additionally we provide a 24 hour, 365/6 day a year responsive service to all Council buildings and schools which sign up to the traded service and other buildings where the Council is responsible for maintenance or provides a service.

We worked in partnership with Barnet to develop a comprehensive asset register that provides a clear and accurate picture of their portfolio. This assists Barnet when budgeting for future planned works whilst reducing the requirement for responsive works in the future.
Client: LB of Barnet
Duration: 3 years + 2
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Scope Of Work

bullet Annual testing of fire extinguishers
bullet Inspection of fire blankets
bullet Testing/servicing of sprinkler systems
bullet Maintenance of fire suppression systems
bullet Testing of fire extinguishers within Barnet Council vehicles
bullet Provision of a 24/7, 365/6 days a years Out of Hours responsive service
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