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  AJS Ltd implement operational practices that contribute to a healthy environment  
  Recognising the impact of our works on the environment, we are tackling issues such as energy use and carbon emissions head on. We always actively involve our employees and ensure that appropriate training is given to raising environmental awareness and establishing standards.

We have set stretching performance targets and are working with the environmental agency, our supply chain, and business partners to create innovative environmental solutions. Our overall approach is guided by our Environmental Management System. This mandates sustainable processes, ensures our people are able to manage risk and identify opportunity, and promotes the communication of best practice.

We are taking steps to reduce our greenhouse gas emissions by reducing demand for fuel and energy, and are working towards reducing our carbon footprint all of our projects. We are also working with our designers to improve the lifecycle and environmental performance of the equipment and designs through all of our projects through better planning, smarter procurement and aftercare, and the use of sustainable materials.

The company are committed to waste reduction and segregation, any site waste is dealt with on site or returned to our office. The company hold a hazardous waste registration and a waste carriers license. Environmental performance and progress against annually set objectives and targets are routinely monitored and reported at our management meetings.
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